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Mark + Nicole | Surprise Winter Engagement Photography at Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery Kasota, MN

This was one of the coolest shoots we've done to date. Mark was so detail oriented and planned everything perfectly to ensure that Nicole didn't suspect a thing!

She was lured to Chankaska Creek on the pretense that her mom was being recognized at a special event held by her company and wanted her family to attend. Mark and I met up a few days before the date to scout the area for the perfect proposal site.

Justin and I hid behind some trees and pretended to photograph the scenery while awaiting their arrival. We were able to move into position without being noticed and capture her reaction when he popped the question.



Fun Fact: This is where Mark and Nicole had their 1 year anniversary and where their parents met for the very first time. How romantic!

We got some gorgeous shots of Nicole's ring in the snow. The sparkle is unreal! This was also the first session I created an animated GIF (below) as a fun add-on. I couldn't resist it with this cute pick-me-up pose!


Part two of the surprise was that Nicole's family was there for the engagement as well, but they were hiding in the barrel room downstairs until after he popped the question. Mark, you really outdid yourself! Congrats!




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