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Meet Sydney Kate | New Prague, Minnesota Photographer

The about page says quite a bit about the way I work, but if you wanted more background on the person behind the lens, this is the article for you!

edgy alternative fun minnesota wedding senior family photographer


I love anything alternative, quirky and edgy. We can laugh and swear together in regular conversation.

My idea of fun is hoping on the back of a motorcycle for a country ride, reading tarot cards with friends, getting a new tattoo or piercing on a whim or attend a rock concert. I'm a Scorpio, so the weirder the better!

If you're the creative one, the rule-breaker, the mover and shaker... we will get along great!


Originally from a place between Montgomery and New Prague, Minnesota. I've moved a few times including out of state to North Carolina and always end up back. It's a great place to raise kids and central to so many things I love about Minnesota.

I'm a Graphic Designer turned photographer. College was one of the the best times of my life! I attended Minnesota State University — Mankato and graduated in 2016. After that, I worked for a variety of companies before deciding I wanted to start my own business.

My parents owned and operated a resort for 10 years and our house looked like a literal castle. From an early age, I had an eye for the fun and extraordinary. I grew up around entrepreneurs. Most of my family also rides motorcycle and it's how I got into motorcycle photography. I hope to have my license and a bike of my own in the near future.

In 2020 I had a Scorpio baby of my own and she has been my life and my muse. Being a mama has only increased my drive. I always wanted to be home with my kiddos and this career has allowed me to follow my dreams doing just that.

Every story has its ups and downs and certainly isn't perfect. Lightning struck in late 2022 when I met the man of my dreams after thinking I was done searching. John and I got married in traditional Las Vegas style November 2023, officially blending our families. We have been building our lives together ever since.


Here are a few things I obsess over...

Family | Taco Bell | Iced Coffee | Minimalism | Rock Concerts | Yoga | Hippie Vans | Tattoos | Astrology | Bellydance | Pugs | Motorcycles | ID Channel | Thriller novels | Self Help Books | The Desert | Human Optimization | Mom Jeans | '90s Grunge Everything | Chinese Food | Cactus Plants | Halestorm

Now that you know my story, I'd love to hear yours!

We can meet over coffee (maybe tacos too?), phone call or video chat.

The choice is yours!

fun relaxed authentic minneapolis minnesota photographer

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