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Stranger Session | Sydney Kate Photography - Minnesota Photographer

Fish Sunflowers in Dayton, MN

2PM - 2:45PM - Overcast

What is a Stranger Session?

Pretty much, you bring two single strangers together and pose them like a couple!

Our model call had so many responses in a matter of a few days. We did not expect this concept to be so popular. We even received messages from people saying they were excited to see how they turned out!

All of us were nervous leading up to the session (even me). You never know how things will turn out! We coordinated outfits a bit as far as color scheme and that was it. Shae and Noa killed it with little effort.

Oh yeah, and they're single! ;D

The sunflower fields turned out to be a prime location and created gorgeous contrast with their dark outfits and tattoos. Normally we don't recommend shooting in the afternoon, but the overcast day certainly made up for it. Not to mention these two were troopers in the heat and humidity! Cuddling is usually the last thing you want to do when it's hot out.

Big thanks to Shae + Noa for volunteering! Scroll to see the magic we made.


Shot with help from the Unscripted Posing App [ Use code SYDNEYKATEPHOTOGRAPHY for $20 off ]


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