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How to Support Photographers and Other Small Businesses in a Pandemic | Minnesota Photographer

With the sudden onset of COVID-19, many small businesses are either just keeping their heads above water, beginning to drown or have already sunk permanently to the bottom. We have come a long way, but the battle isn't over. At one point, photographers, among many other professions, were considered non-essential and it was therefore illegal to conduct sessions. Even front porch sessions!

At this point, the photographers who complied with these orders are suffering from lost wages from just a few months of not being able to work. If you are able and want to give back, there are ways you can make a difference for a small business.

Many them are FREE!

The first item is the only one that will cost you anything, but a few moments of your time. And all of these could bring in potential clients for your small business friend.

  • Gift Certificates. Ask them if they offer gift certificates and keep them for yourself or, of course, give them as gifts! This is a great way to for sure help get cash to your favorite small business NOW when they may need it.

  • Shout outs on socials. Share a post of theirs once in a while and tag them! Tell people WHY you love them and give them reasons to support them. Don't spam your feed every day, but here and there really does wonders.

  • Write a positive review. Facebook and Google allow you to simply leave 5 stars as well if you're not much of a writer. However, adding even a sentence saying something positive goes a long way versus one with just stars. People want to know WHY they deserve those stars.

  • Tell your friends and family. This has always been the best way for small businesses to get more business! If a friend or family member is talking about needing family pictures, why not throw out someone you know? Help two people with one suggestion!

  • Follow them on socials. Followers don't always matter, but they don't hurt either. It's a great way to keep up with their new posts and remind you to share them with your followers.

  • Engage with social posts. A like, a comment... these really do matter! The more people engage with posts, the more likely they are to be seen by others.

  • Sign up for their blog or newsletter. This is another way to keep up with them and have something to share.

  • Check in with them. Be a friend and ask them how they're doing. Everything can look like sunshine and rainbows on social media, but be a different story in real life. Even if they don't want to go into detail or say everything is fine, they'll appreciate knowing that someone cares.


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