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How to Share Your Pictures and Experience on Social Media | Sydney Kate Photography

What's the first thing you want to do after you chose your favorite images in your gallery? Post them of course! And maybe even write a helpful review. But are you doing it in a way that is helpful to your photographer?

Fact: The #1 way photographers get new clients is through referrals!

We would hope that you loved your experience so much that you share the pictures on your socials and write a great review. This gives us credibility and allows us to reach people like you who love the work we do.

Here are some helpful do's and don'ts when it comes to sharing your new pictures with the world!

What We Love

Here are the things that really make your photographer happy and puts them in the right light:

  • Giving proper credit. Somewhere in your post, make sure to tag your photographer. That way your friends and followers know who took those beauties and won't have to ask! One thing to note is there are different ways of doing this depending on the platform. Typically, it's Facebook or Instagram, right? Make sure to use the "@" in front of their tag (i.e. @sydneykatephotography). If you aren't sure what it is, it's typically in the URL at the top of the page or you can ask your photographer!

  • Leave a review. In today's world, reviews are HUGE. Everyone looks for reviews as a form of research about a person because they inform people of a businesses credibility and quality. They even give insight into the experience a potential client could have by choosing them. This helps tremendously whether it be on Google or their Facebook page.

  • Well-written reviews. Don't panic. Not everyone knows how to write a great testimonial and that's OK! Not sure what to write? Talk about a concern you had prior to the session and how you felt afterward. Did your photographer ease that fear? Or, detailed descriptions about how the process and experience was and how thrilled you were to receive your gallery really helps paint a picture for readers. And of course, read over your review to check for spelling, grammar and flow!

What do these things have in common? They are done out of respect for your photographer. You don't need to write a paragraph or sing from the rooftops every time you post an image of ours. A simple "Love these pics! Thanks @SydneyKatePhotography!" would suffice and make us happy.

What else? Shoutouts and reviews are FREE. That's right, they don't cost you a thing and help so much.

Kind words travel far and help us travel even farther!

What We Don't

Now that you know what to do, here are a few things to keep in mind that may be hurting rather than helping:

  • Not giving credit. Leaving out the tag altogether the first time you share your images with your group of friends or followers can be a missed opportunity for your photographer to reach more potential clients. Don't sweat it if you don't remember to tag every time after that initial post, though it always helps.

  • Adjusting the images. You paid a photographer to create great pictures and hopefully chose someone with a style you like. Please do not edit your images. Legitimate photographers will put this in their contracts even though the images are yours. This can include: adding filters, cropping out the watermark or any other drastic changes made to deface the images. Doing so is not representative of your photographers style any longer if altered, which can hurt their reputation if you give them credit. If you alter your images and tag your photographer, you may find a message in your inbox asking that they not be tagged or to repost the image without any alterations.

  • Poor reviews. We ask that you stay away from talking about price (as they are subject to change) or other similar specifics and write something more experience based. Negative reviews are a different story. Of course, we aren't perfect and things happen. We want you to be more than satisfied when working with us above all else. Please talk to us before leaving less than 5-stars so we have a chance to remedy the situation.

None of this is meant to point fingers at everyone who ever made these mistakes. We've all done it and can learn from it just as you are now!

As someone who provides a service, we are here first and formost to serve you. You can usually tell a shady photographer when they don't communicate well and don't care. A professional will want work through anything with you, so please reach out if something arises!

Final Note

The last thing we want is to instill fear that we will hunt you down or send you a rude email if you don't do things properly. We understand and take all situations with grace and poise. This article is meant to help guide and educate as best we can without forcing your hand.

All we can do as your photographer is provide the best advice and service we can and hope to receive the best praise in return.


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